Nano tech for agriculture and consumption…water is wetter, fertilizer goes where it was designed, less waste, less pollution…smarter healthier Earth.

Primary Interest and Markets

AI, 5G, Block chain, DNA Morality, and Intellectual Property Rights.

Trident has a hunger and a passion for all things Tech! But also things that aren’t innovating past our morality. We don’t need a vacuum that does it by itself… And we certainly don’t need one that has an IP address for the Internet.

We work in Fintech and Crossborder trade.. XRP!

One of Many Community Projects including many Veteran Projects past and ongoing.

USS Ranger CV-61 Aircraft Carrier Museum to Long Beach Project

We had 80,000 petitions signed in 96 hours and on Obama’s Desk. To know avail….
We raised almost $20,000,000 to turn a huge piece of history into a museum experience. Unfortunately by the time we took over of the project, the last appeal had expired.
Letter of Support From San Diego Mayor Faulconer to bring the USS Ranger “Top Gun” of the 7th Fleet it Long Beach next to the Queen Mary.