Let’s get you some fast funding so we can build your World Class Investor Package!

We have unsecured Loans for business expansion and startups, that’s based solely on credit and can be closed within 15 days. If you want a FREE quote today, take the link below and get us working today for free!


Faster than the Blue Angels! More precise and iconic than the Space Needle.

Again, this is risk and expense FREE.


Teams Train together Build Together!

It’s a soft credit pull, so your credit won’t be effected, and the Banking Platform we work with, will bring you multiple offers… If you don’t like the terms or deal, you walk away. Everything stays the same.  Engage Trident to completely research and build a World Class Digital Assets for your company that is designed to go directly in front of Angel Investors and Venture Capital Groups Asap; you will have hired the right group.

Talented people still need cheerleaders! At Trident that’s what we focus on after capital and tools… Your Team Winning.

We’ve been proving business models and

funding deals and playing golf with your Investors for 20+ yrs. We know who wants your deal. Let us got to work. Pay us well, but expect greatness. One thing you can’t skimp on is Corporate Brand assets. Animated Pitch Decks, accurate financials with Pro-Forma and Executive Summary and complete Research of market docs are critical,,, or inside buzz when a ‘good deal’s gets snapped up. We build momentum with 4k websites, and social media campaign Testing!, And so much more…. Get started with the free loan approval today…. And we are only best of breed team waiting to help you get and keep momentum!

We Prove Your Business Model First with your initial monies we helped you obtain through loans or Angels, you can now be proud of every asset you send and call that you take. Your company looks like a million bucks and you still have operating capital in your pocket!

We have been working with investors and marketers for years and know exactly what they are looking for when they open up your Digital Package for partnership and investment with your company. Congratulations, at this stage you are being packaged for Top Venture Capitalist with a very specific offering that they are expecting!!

“Lets Get Started Today”

Some Money, Strategy, Next Level Digital Assets, and then Momentum!!


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